Sherman Cox Obituary and dead – cause of death?

Sherman Cox is a woodworker and a carver.

As his son James confirmed, Sherman passed away on November 12, 2021 more than two weeks ago. With his death, condolences to him and his family have been lined up.

Sherman Cox is a woodcarver from Glendale, Utah. According to the Welcometoglendaleut website, he has his own woodworking workshop.

In addition to his artistic creations, the Glendale community will always remember his kindness and selfless dedication.

We also discovered that Sherman had served the country in the military in the initial stages.

It was discovered that Sherman learned carpentry carving from him and his grandfather Edgar Cox and his mother Eva Cox.

It can be said that his mother and grandfather are both artistically gifted, so his family is artistic. Moreover, this trait was also passed on to Sherman Cox, who later had a certain understanding of art and craftsmanship.

For more information about him, Cox started experimenting in the woods when he was a kid. Then, he initially made wooden knives, which is how he started his career in the arts and crafts field.

Sherman Cox’s death could be natural causes, covid-19 or disease.

The flagrante cause of his death was not mentioned on the Internet, and we could not find it on social media platforms. However, judging from his later years, the artist was likely to die from any of the above three reasons.

Regarding the age of the deceased Sherman, from his appearance, he seems to be between 65 and 75 years old.